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Northern Grampians Business and Community Highlights

Welcome to this web page that highlights the best of Business and Community in and around the Northern Grampians region of Victoria, Australia. Here are some of the noteworthy aspects of this region that make it an ideal place to live, work and do business.


1. Manufacturing and Agriculture - Northern Grampians is known for its thriving manufacturing and agricultural industries. The region is home to many large agribusinesses and food processing companies that supply products to domestic and overseas markets.

2. Support for Entrepreneurs - The Northern Grampians region is committed to supporting and nurturing entrepreneurship. The region has a business incubator program that offers resources, mentorship and funding to start-ups and small businesses.

3. Infrastructure and Connectivity - The Northern Grampians has excellent infrastructure and connectivity, with access to major highways, railways and airports. The region is well-positioned to facilitate the transportation of goods, services and people across Victoria and beyond.


1. Natural Beauty and Outdoor Recreation - The Northern Grampians region boasts breathtaking natural scenery and abundant outdoor activities. Tourists and locals alike enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, boating, rock climbing, and other outdoor pursuits in the nearby Grampians National Park.

2. Arts and Culture - The Northern Grampians region has a rich and diverse arts and cultural scene, with many galleries, museums, festivals, and events celebrating the history, heritage, and creativity of the area.

3. Community Involvement - The Northern Grampians region is characterized by a vibrant and engaged community, with many local organizations, charities, and volunteer groups working tirelessly to improve the well-being and social connections of the region.

the Northern Grampians region of Victoria, Australia, offers a unique blend of vibrant businesses and engaged community experiences, making it an excellent place to work, live, and visit.

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